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Stories, thoughts and inspirations behind my work
The truth about NFTs part 3 hero copy 4
The truth about NFTs – Part III

This third and last part of the NFT series explores the possible (near) future of NFTs and explores the new opportunities for the art market.

The truth about NFTs part 2 LInk
The truth about NFTs Part II

This is part II of my NFT blog series explaining the main trends as well as the benefits and downsides of NFTs.

The truth about NFTs part 1
The truth about NFTs Part I

First out of three blog posts dealing with the trend of NFT art and giving insights into its technology and development.

How I used lockdown to transform my art

I believe 2020 was a year like no other year for all of us. A year I hadn’t seen coming for sure. I wouldn’t say it was an easy one but it was not a bad one either. Let’s call it different.

Plant Opulence 2
How many houseplants do you own?

I’m a happy owner of more than a dozen plants – most of which are succulents, a result of ‘Survival of the Fittest’ or ‘Natural Selection’ of my room (or is it me?).

hitchcock 2
A summer oddity

It’s a bright warm summer day in the middle of July. You’re walking through an English garden somewhere in London and there in the middle of a flower bed stands “the Master of Suspense” himself.

all together2
Inktober 2018

We always hear that if you want to grow yourself you must put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Well, I can only agree. I’m happy that I put myself through the Inktober challenge.

Vitamin N

As our lives are getting more and more digitally dependent and urbanised, we are slowly losing touch with nature and (maybe) with ourselves. Being close to nature gives us a perspective, the big picture of our existence.

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