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Brand Identity & Website 
Shared Property Data (SPD) is a B2B startup, providing a business application for commercial surveyors. 
Asked was to create a new brand identity including logo, brand colours, typography, website and image library. The new branding should represent a young, agile, pioneering though still serious business. 
Logo design for startup SPD with different spelling variation as well as monogram version.
Additionally to the main logo I was briefed to create sub-branding for SPD's external projects. Both logos were created by duplication,rotation or subtraction of the main logo.
Logo design for spd subbrands.
Colourful business cards design with different background pattern variation.
Animated logo gif
It was agreed to design a customised website including template pages for future use. 
The website's design is inspired by editorial/magazine style to stand out from tradition b2b company's website. 
All images were shot by me, text was provided. Implementation of design was delivered by in-house developers.
Website preview as animated gif
Layout examples of the web design
Web banners, promotional items and social media visuals for various purposes. 
Postcards design for promotional purpose

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