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Vitamin N

Vitamin N

As our lives are getting more and more digitally dependent and urbanised, we are slowly losing touch with nature and (maybe) with ourselves. Being close to nature gives us a perspective, the big picture of our existence. It helps us to level out, to bring balance to our lives, to become more openminded and less guarded.

Over a year ago I quit my job as UX/UI designer in a tech start-up to take some time off and focus on more ‘creative & artistic’ projects. Nowadays I realise I came very close to be a victim of the burn out syndrome. After facing a high-pressure job in a badly managed company the timeout was more than needed.

Moreover, since I’ve graduated from university I neglected all artistic activities that were a big part of my life until then. I’ve always felt quite guilty about it.
The first months were occupied by visiting family and old friends, with going out for long walks and enjoying life around me. And then the moment came and I grabbed a pen and paper and started to draw.

The following illustration series ‘Vitamin N’  explores the beauty of nature in simple black and white tones. Inspired by  London’s hidden flora as well as places from my past, it addresses the dysfunctional relationship of modern people from their surroundings and nature.

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