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About Vitamin N

Size: approx. 21 x 29,7cm (A4)

Medium: Indian ink on paper

Year: 2017

Did you know we all stressed-out city dwellers are suffering from nature – deficit disorder? What, you never heard of nature – deficit disorder? Then please go ahead and read the book “Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder”. Let me guess you don’t have the time for it. Well, in a nutshell, the nature-deficit disorder is the lack of exposure to nature which (unfortunately) has big implications for our physical and mental health. Richard Louv defines it as “a diminished ability to find meaning in life that surrounds us.”
As our lives are getting more and more digitally dependent and urbanised, we are slowly losing touch with nature and (maybe) with ourselves. Being close to nature gives us a perspective, the big picture of our existence. It helps us to level out, to bring balance to our lives, to become more openminded and less guarded.
I guess that’s also an explanation why so many of us city dwellers are lately guerrilla planting our houses and neighbourhoods. Or why our Facebook and Instagram feeds are overrun with gardening, outdoor ideas and nature-inspired-home-decoration pictures.
It’s because we all are looking for some relief from the digital age. I have experienced the same primal urge to engage every corner of my room with plants.
“Vitamin N” is an illustration series exploring the beauty of nature by focusing on its details and complexities.

The drawing series ‘Vitamin N’ ¬†explores the beauty of nature in simple black and white tones. Inspired by London’s hidden flora as well as places from my past, it addresses the dysfunctional relationship of modern society to their surroundings and nature.

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